Rexair the Bear

“Rexair the Bear”

Rexair Cover 2 smMy newest Children’s Picture Book is based on a true story, about a young black bear living in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains.

One day, way out in the country, Rexair, a young and very hungry black bear looked for food. His curiously sensitive black nose got him into big trouble though. You see, he sniffed out some creamy fresh milk left irresponsibly unattended, in the bottom of a large plastic pickle jar.

So excitedly, as he stuck his head into that jar, and finished his tasty snack, he found himself satisfied but in a horribly dangerous pickle-of-a-predicament. You guessed it, his furry black head was snugly stuck in the jar!

Oh no, what would he do? How in the world would he survive this terrible situation he understandably got himself into. Can Rexair, this silly black bear be successfully rescued? Will he get the help he so desperately needs? Or will he give up on the most important fight of his magnificently wild and free life…

“Rexair the Bear” is a heartwarming true story that will inspire you and your children to persevere and to never give up on life, no matter what life drops into your own beautifully unique life’s journey. Rexair will become an endearing character for your children to love, hug and look up to. Through my series, they will learn about the American Black Bear, their wildlife friends, and needed natural habitats. You can use Rexair’s remarkable story to teach your children the importance of not littering, and taking responsibility for their own trash and empty containers, as well.

“Rexair the Bear” will be published October of 2018. Stay tuned for purchasing information to be posted soon!

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Viviana May

Unusual Animals are still loved…

Animals With Unusual Appearance By Nature

All animals are different, but not all the differences are visible to the eye. Some animals have a special story, some have interesting markings, and all have unique personalities.

We decided to share photos of animals that were given a very unusual appearance by nature. At the end of the article, there is a bonus which will tell you how to visually make any animal into an extraordinary one.

Judging by the facial expression, this fish doesn’t want any pictures of it to be taken.

It’s not every day that you see a curly horse.

Just look at the stunning Bengali kitten:

This dog has so much skin on its neck that you could cover an entire other dog with it.

A kitten with very funny curled ears:

Evolution made the camouflage of this orchid mantis perfect:

Nature gave this rabbit incredibly long ears.

Tiny danger noodles:

“My friend’s dog, Braveheart. Part husky, part lab, split right down the middle”

And here is a mix of a black and a red cat:

Rare white Swedish reindeer

Beautiful spots on the forehead:

Does he look happy?

Why would anyone need a horse when you can just Photoshop your dog?

Take me to your leader!

A dog with a star on his chest:

This cat at my local rescue shelter has ridiculously long legs:

The Mexican mole lizard is so rare that it’s almost mythical.

This dalmatian has heart-shaped spots on his eyes:

My little lady turned 20 y.o. this week. Supposedly, that’s 100 y.o. in human years.

Robins have tiny feathers around their eyes.

Duck rabbit

Meet Oliver. He has thumbs.

This video with a giant turtle was supposed to shock the viewers, but the most attentive ones noticed that there was something wrong with the video. Can you see what’s wrong?

According to what internet users think, a usual turtle turned into a giant one because of the angle from which it was shot. The animal was very close to the camera and the divers are a little further.

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