High Thoughts

God saw all He had made, and it was very good! Genesis 1:31

As I begin this new year not knowing what crazy situation or circumstance might be lurking just around the bend of my life, although knowing all along that God knows and has it all under His control. I go to the source of my never-ending peace and strength, God’s Holy Word. I begin at the beginning, Genesis chapters, one and two to receive from Him and to share my heart and encouragement with you!

Reflect on who you are, where you came from and why you are living today? Contemplate on the fact that God has gloriously and uniquely created and formed you with His own hands, in His radiant image. He, with joy and eagerness has fashioned you for a specific reason and with eternal purpose!

Meditate on God: Before time began, God existed. The universe and beyond appeared from His desire and inexhaustible imagination. God is all-powerful and knows all things. He is purposeful in every decision. God is a Supreme Being He is the Living Creator and Divine Spirit who acts with meaningful deliberation in all He does. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. There is no god like Him, for He is perfect in all His ways!

Just think of it! You were lovingly created by God to be in His likeness, which means you are essentially a spiritual being. You have received a divine in-breathing of God’s own Holy Spirit and this sets you apart from all other living creatures. You are intelligent! A moral compass has been gifted you and He has given you the freedom to choose between right and wrong. As the Master Creator Himself, God has equipped you with imagination and colorful creativity. He has privileged you with the right to rule over His dominion and the lesser creatures inhabiting it. Success, rest and every good and perfect gift and blessing is yours for the asking!

So be encouraged as you begin and journey through this new and uncharted new year! Thank God for how He has loved and honored you in all these magnificent ways. Praise Him for all He is, for you and I have been truly blessed!

May joy and blessing be yours throughout 2011!

Vivian May Edwards

One thought on “High Thoughts

  1. Beautiful Blog Vivian!

    I enjoyed reading it. Truly encouraging words on this day when I feel so gloomy. Praise the Lord, for He is always with us even though He may feel a million miles away! I know He is here with me and has used your wonderful words to uplift me and encourage me. Just a few minutes ago I was praying and asked Him, “Lord, please encourage me today, help me get through this day.”…Low an behold, I end up reading your beautiful Blog. All I can say is ‘Thank You my Savior for using Vivian’s words to encourage me!’
    Thank you Vivian, for following His path. : )
    Ave M Yepez


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