book cover (3) - Copy (800x780) (800x780)Introducing: “Rexair the Bear”

Based on a true story about a young black bear in North Georgia.

Early one morning, way out in the country, Rexair, a young and very hungry black bear looks for food. But his sensitive nose and crazy curiosity gets him into big trouble as he sniffs out creamy milk in the bottom of a large pickle jar. Excitedly, he sticks his head into the jar. Satisfied, and upon finishing, he finds himself in a horribly dangerous predicament. His head is snugly stuck in the pickle jar, oh my! Can Rexair this silly black bear be successfully rescued? Will he get the help he so desperately needs? Or will he sadly give up the fight of his life to lose his life…!

“Rexair the Bear” will be published and¬† launched this coming summer of 2015, stay tuned for purchasing information to be posted soon! Thank you!

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